About Me

Hello, my name is Ilana and Thank You for coming to my little corner of the world! I started L2U Designs, in 2019 when I was given an opportunity to collaborate with a dear friend and her Yoga Studio/Boutique, in Burlington, Massachusetts. I had always had a love for crafting and making gifts for others. I created a few small pieces to sell in the Yoga Boutique and things took off. I was getting requests from friends and family to help design items for all occasions. And so L2U Designs, Inc. evolved!

L2U Designs, Inc. stands for “Like It, Love It, Use It”!

Since social media is my stepping ground for getting my business name out there, it seemed fitting!

During 2020,

I researched many opportunities to grow my company locally, and in February 2021, I was given the opportunity to showcase my items in a Boutique in Ridgefield, Connecticut. L2U Designs, Inc. grew and by early Summer 2021, L2U Designs, Inc. was given another opportunity to showcase its items in a Boutique in Wilton, Connecticut. Also, during the Summer/Fall 2021, L2U Designs, Inc. was a Vendor at two local Farmers’ Markets in both Wilton and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Each one of my items are handmade by me!

I take pride in every step of the purchase; from the email communications with my clients, to discussing exactly their vision and how they want their products to be designed. Finally, crafting each one with professional high quality permanent vinyl.

Most of all,

I really enjoy getting to know my clients, and seeing L2U Designs, Inc. being gifted to those they love. I welcome all ideas and designs.

Growing L2U Designs, Inc. has become a labor of love and we are just getting started! Looking forward to the many more opportunities that are to come!

Ilana, Owner of L2U Designs, Inc.